The INSPECTOR USV is at heart of ECA Group’s naval drones systems. INSPECTOR is an autonomous platform able to perform several missions at sea but it can also be used remotely operated or manned. INSPECTOR is a payload carrier that can autonomously launch and recover AUVs, towed systems as well as ROVs. Transported to the mission zone and being operated from an USV, the UUV capacity is considerably extended, which otherwise is limited by their onboard energy capacity.
The INSPECTOR USV is therefore able to carry out mines detection missions by towing a sonar or conduct minesweeping operations.
This USV range developed by ECA Group is also designed to fulfill interception and deterrence missions and is also used as communication relay between UUVs and mothership or an onshore command center.

INSPECTOR USV is a part of ECA Group’s UMISTM Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System – a turnkey mine clearance solution already in mission within two world’s navies and recently chosen by Belgian and Netherlands Navies for their future standoff MCM capability.


For the Mediterranean demonstration in Taranto, the USV INSPECTOR performs surface threat engagement for dissuasion while a frigate is approaching. The hostile fast boat is intercepted with INSPECTOR and two deterrent actions are conducted, first with audio warning then menacing physical interposition. After the hard kill engagement conducted by the frigate, the INSPECTOR USV conducts a close visual inspection of the assessed sunk target using SEASCAN ROV.