A constellation of four synthetic aperture radar satellites that provide an all-weather, day-and-night imagery of Earth's surface, able to support a variety of applications including environment protection, land management, defense and security, maritime surveillance, food & agriculture management.
e-GEOS is the world-wide exclusive distributor of COSMO-SkyMed and operates, on behalf of ASI, the IC-UGS (Italian Civilian User Ground Segment) at the Matera Space Center.


SEonSE is a geospatial maritime security platform, providing satellite based actionable information, e.g. ship detection and anomaly detection reports, available as a Service or as a Software Platform deployable in secured environment.
SEonSE key features include Multi-sensor Maritime Domain Awareness, powered by global data H24/7, with Near-Real-Time services and enhanced data-fusion for dark vessels detection, automatic anomaly detection & alert notifications, extraction of maritime patterns of life. In particular, this platform can provide improved results by applying Big data analytics & Artificial Intelligence.