The focus of the Scenarios 2 is to detect and identify underwater threats (e.g. sea mines or IED) layed from submarines. To create a tactical scenario with some military relevance, two artificial identical islands named Twin Islands have been inserted on the sea-chart.


The Unknown submerged activity scenario is composed of the following sequential phases:

All the units involved in the scenario will reach their starting positions and the required status of readiness. Before scenario starts, Intelligence information concerning the suspect submarine (played by Saab AUV-62AT) is received and processed at BCC-CTG (Baltic Command Center). Based on the “snippets” of acoustic information and potentially also a mast exposures in the channel, BCC-CTG informs the EU MOC and tasks his resources to conduct an area search for mines.

Ships, UAV (Unmanned Air vessels) and UUS (Unmanned Underwater System) assets under command of BCC-CTG have been tasked to confirm if underwater activity is ongoing in the shipping lanes east of Europe’s naval base.

BCC-CTG assigns all assets under its command to perform surveillance over and around the sea lanes due east of Europe’s naval base with a focus on the important passage between the Twin Islands.

Two UAV´s (Patroller and Skeldar) perform overwatch. USVs with their respective UUVs are tasked to perform sonar search for mines in their respective areas. USV Stingray Marine Searaider with UUV Oceanscan and USV (Unmanned Surface vessels).

All detected mine like contacts (MILCO) have been reported to BCC-CTG and EU MOC for classification. Mine in sealanes to Europa naval base poses a serious threat to shipping through the area. Mines should therefore be destroyed. USV CB90 with UUV Sea Wasp is ordered to destroy the mine (simulated).