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The aim of the OCEAN2020 live trial demonstrations is to promote joint aspects of maritime operations, including cooperation of different types of manned and unmanned assets with command and control systems.


During the two demonstrations unmanned systems will be safely operated to enhance surveillance in a maritime environment, providing data, images and video coming from unmanned systems sensors to participating assets, National Maritime Operations Centres (MOC) and a prototype of European Union Maritime Operations Centre (EU MOC).


The demonstrations will include the use of heterogeneous groups of unmanned vehicles, equipped with different types of sensors. The inclusion of many UXSs will demonstrate the integration of different capabilities and the interoperability of a wide range of unmanned systems from multiple EU Countries in joint military operations. Different sensors configurations will be integrated to show the flexibility of the unmanned platforms in operational missions.


Sea demonstrations also aim to improve the Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP) in the demonstration area and share surveillance information gathered by UxS among different assets of a European naval force and different MOCs.


The demonstrations results will contribute in identifying technological areas for further R&D activities to increase the overall capability of European Defence in the maritime domain with the use of unmanned systems.

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