OCEAN2020 will address the ethical issues during the whole project, from the requirement phase, throughout the design and development up to the validation phase of the project.


OCEAN2020 complies with the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR):

In addition, the OCEAN2020 project commits to the application of the EU Convention on Human Rights beyond EU law and the protection of the individual against all forms of discrimination based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, belief, disability and sexual orientation.


The named issues are noticed and included in crosscutting manner into the OCEAN2020 concept development and formulation.


The OCEAN2020 project partners commit to uphold ethical standards for research as delineated in the Code of Nuremberg and the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. In addition, the project’s research activities complies with the Code of Human Research Ethics of the British Psychological Society (2010) and hence following issues are complied with:

Participants are fully informed about information handling during all the stages of the data lifecycle including:

Specific mechanisms are implemented in the OCEAN2020 to protect data from intrusion, ensure privacy of data through the control of the access to selected users and external systems according to configured role and privileges.


The operational trials will serve also as learning opportunities of sustainable solutions from the ethic, societal and legal standpoints. For this purpose, trials will be carried out in respect to the right to privacy. For this reason, ethical requirements related to data protection issues are strongly noticed in the OCEAN2020 project: first of all, data protection issues are addressed in the work conducted during the project.


OCEAN2020 takes also into account the ethical aspects and legal obligations when designing any solutions that utilizes data containing personal information and/or information on persons’ private activities and commercially sensitive data (e.g. IMO number detected by EO sensors on board of RPAS).


All personal data are subject to national and European data security regulations.