The FS "Planet" is the most modern research ship of NATO, which impresses with innovative technology. It was built in the so-called small-waterplane-Area Twin-Hull design (SWATH construction method). The special feature is that the buoyancy is substantially provided by the completely submerged floating bodies.
By contrast, carry the slender bridges that connect both float and the ship's hull, with only a small degree of lift. This results in an exceptionally smooth movement behavior, which allows the execution of research and testing work in strong winds and rough seas.
The "Planet" is the Bundeswehr Technical Centre 71 (WTD 71) in Eckernförde with its Research Center for Underwater Sound and Geophysical (FWG) for sea trials available. Due to the very high demands on the own noise radiation, the research vessel, inter alia, for investigations of underwater acoustics and sensors is ideally suited.