Scenario 1 combines maritime surveillance and interdiction using unmanned vehicles against a threatening vessel.


Videos and tracks generated by all unmanned systems are visualised in real time at the MOCs and onboard the different ships of the Task Group (not only the ship controlling each system).


At the beginning the Task Group is deployed in a friendly gulf, to protect naval shipping and fishing in a situation of increasing tension with a neighbouring country. Persistent surveillance using satellite sensing and fixed wing aircraft (including BK180-ISP OPV) is performed in the area.


An alert is automatically generated based on the COSMO-SkyMed satellite acquisitions highlighting an anomaly (suspect ship, based on pre-defined criteria, coming from the gulf entrance). The CTG (Commander Task Group)  investigates  the contact of interest.


CTG requests all Task Units to raise their readiness level, deploying their unmanned air and surface vehicles, while the BK180-ISP OPV, already in flight for surveillance in the gulf,  is tasked to investigate the contact of interest.


BK180-ISP OPV finds an unknown vessel with compatible position and displays it it in the EO video. After finding the suspect vessel, BK180-ISP is piloted back to the airfield due to a simulated fuel shortage and the contact is lost.


The Fasan frigate locates  the vessel with the UAV AW HERO, classifies and identifies it as Suspect.


The other frigates are tasked to provide visual tracking with their USVs and UAVs deployed in different areas. The USV SEAD-23, then Sthe USV SEARIDER and the UAV SW-4 SOLO   find and follow the suspect vessel with EO cameras and surveillance radars while it moves northward.


After hailing from Martinengo frigate and receiving wrong data then no answer from the suspect vessel, the contact is classified as Hostile.


When the vessel changes course menacing directly the Var BCR, actions are taken (following Rules of Engagement), to first deter and then destroy the threat. A first engagement for dissuasion is conducted from the Var BCR using the INSPECTOR USV (interception, horn warning, voice warning).


As the threat continues moving towards the ship, the threat is engaged with guns from the Martinengo frigate (engagement simulated), supported by close video of the target from SW-4 SOLO UAV. Damage assessment is also supported by SW-4 SOLO UAV and INSPECTOR USV videos (the target is considered sunk).


The Var BCR is tasked to search and locate the threat remains on the seabed with its UUS (a real wreck was reported in nautical charts to be in the area). The AUV A9 and ROV SEASCAN carry out the underwater search, the latter deployed by the INSPECTOR USV (only rock formations are found).